Global Network

Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy is one of the “Magic Circle” law firms in London. Since 1990’s, Allen & Overy has expanded its operation globally and grown to become a top law firm in the world, with offices in 40 cities in 31 countries. Allen & Overy has always led the innovation of legal practices by advising, for example, the world first financial transaction by creating the brad new concept of “Euro market” or the first hostile takeover transaction in the UK. Since Mr. Nakata used to be a partner of Allen & Overy, Hibiya-Nakata continues to have very close working relationships with many partners of Allen & Overy in various countries in the world. In addition to this, Allen & Overy’s global network of relationship law firms, of which Hibiya-Nakata is a member, covers over 100 countries in the world.

Other Networks

Since Mr. Nakata was a relationship partner in charge of the Pacific Rim Advisory Council (PRAC) when he was a partner at Asahi, he has close personal relationship with many key lawyers at PRAC member firms in various countries, which Hibiya- Nakata is able to utilize depending on the clients’ needs. PRAC is a global network of the leading independent law firms with highest quality in each country. In addition, Hibiya-Nakata has various other associated law firms in the world developed by the past working experience and mutual trust fostered as a result of Mr. Nakata’s longtime legal practice in cross-border M&A.